Guitar Wall Mount

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The Wall Mount by Solid Ground Stands

NEW! The Solid Ground Stands Wall Mount is finely handcrafted from solid natural hardwoods, and has a strong feel and an elegant, graceful look that will complement your guitar's natural appeal in any environment. Your valued guitar is held securely from the headstock cushioned with genuinely suede leather.

Each SGS Wall Mount is finished with natural hand-rubbed oil and wax. This fine furniture finish achieves a durable surface with a nicely subdued sheen and a silky feel.

guitar on sapele wood guitar wall mount holderguitar on special sapele wood wall mount holder full viewcherry wood guitar wall mount holder base     

Model and Wood Selection

SGS Wall Mounts are available in 3 model levels and several different wood combinations. Each model is also available in two yoke widths to accommodate a wide variety of guitar neck widths.

Stock Yoke: 1.65"(42mm) to 1.89"(48mm) will comfortably fit the majority of acoustic and electric guitars, and a large number of electric basses.
Wide Yoke1.73"(44mm) to 2.05"(52mm) can accommodate guitars width wider nuts, such as most classical guitars.

Standard Model - African Sapele, Black Cherry, Black Walnut, or Curly Maple.
sapele wood guitar wall mount hangercherry wood guitar wall mount hangerwalnut wood guitar wall mount holdercurly maple guitar wall mount holder
Special Model - African Sapele, Black Cherry, Black Walnut, or Curly Maple with a contrasting center stripe.
sapele wood guitar wall mount holdercherry wood guitar wall mount holderwalnut wood guitar wall mount holdercurly maple wood guitar wall mount holder
Premium Model  - Bubinga, Chechen (aka Caribbean Rosewood), or Morado (aka Pau Fero or Bolivian Rosewood) with Curly Maple stripe.

bubinga wood guitar wall mount holderchechen Caribbean rosewood wood guitar wall mount holdermorado pau fero wood guitar wall mount holder


      • safe and secure hold
      • premium hardwoods
      • natural oil finish
      • genuine suede leather
      • easy wall mounting system
      • all required hardware is included
      • minimal tools required

Easy Installation

Installation is a breeze, only requiring a few common tools and 4 easy steps:

  • Mount the bracket to the wall (hardware included)
  • Mount the wall mount onto the bracket
  • Install the locking bolt (wrench included)
  • snap on the wood cover plug (magnetic)

Here is a PDF of the complete installation instructions:

wood guitar wall mount holder bracketguitar wall mount holder bracket detailsguitar wall mount holder bracket with wood screwsguitar wall mount holder bracket with toggle boltswood guitar wall mount holder bracketwood guitar wall mount holder bracket    


Dimensions:   4"wide x 6.5"deep x 14"long
Weight:   1 lbs (depends on wood species)
Stock yoke width: 1.65"(42mm) to 1.89"(48mm)
Wide yoke width: 1.73"(44mm) to 2.05"(52mm)
Manufacturer country of origin:   USA

Wood species and origin:
Sapele - Tropical Africa
Black Cherry - Eastern North America
Black Walnut - Eastern United States 
Curly Maple - North America
Bubinga - Equatorial Africa
Chechen (aka Caribbean Rosewood) - Central America
Morado (aka Pau Fero or Bolivian Rosewood) - South America


We typically have these models on hand and ready to ship. If we do not have one in-stock at the time of your order, we can build one for you and have it ready to ship in roughly 3-4 weeks, or sooner if one is already in progress. If you would like to confirm the availability before ordering, please send us an email. 

Please Note:
While the photos shown here are a very good representation of the appearance of each species of hardwood used to craft these wall mounts, keep in mind these are natural materials, and there will be some variation in color and grain.
All guitars shown in these photos are for illustration purposes only and are not included.