5. The PickDish by SGS

The PickDish is a handy little accessory that is the perfect way to organize those stray picks you always seem to find all over the place. Now you can keep them corralled in an attractive hardwood dish that looks great even if it's empty. Made from the same beautiful hardwoods as our instrument stands, the PickDish has a smooth sloping dish that allows you to easily slide a pick right out without having to use your fingernails.

Why PickDishes?
The PickDish first came about as an idea to turn leftover pieces of wood too small for stands into something stylish and useful. Since we work with beautiful, exotic, and sometimes rare woods, we want to be as responsible as possible with this limited resource. We introduced the PickDish at several shows and they were so popular that we decided to make them readily available.

You can choose below from all of our Standard woods (sapele, cherry, walnut, and curly maple) or Premium woods (bubinga, morado, and chechen). Occasionally we will also have some Limited Edition PickDishes available in other exotic and highly figured woods.