Special & Premium Stands

Solid Ground Stands is now offering some very Special and Premium guitar stands created from some exceptional combinations of woods. Here are a few photos of just some of the special and premium stands we have done.

Special stands include a contrasting wood center stripe on a walnut, cherry, curly maple, or sapele stand.

Premium stands include a contrasting wood center stripe on an exotic wood stand (or in some cases very special pieces of standard woods). So far, premium woods have included bubinga, claro walnut, chechen, morado, shedua (aka ovangkol), black limba, and caribbean walnut.

Just send us an email to learn more about availability and pricing of these unique stands. We'd love to help you find the perfect stand to complement your favorite guitar!

Walnut w/Curly Maple Stripe


Curly Maple w/Walnut Stripe  

 Walnut w/Cherry Stripe 

Curly Maple w/Sapele Stripe

Walnut w/Chechen Stripe

Black Limba w/Curly Maple Stripe

Black Limba w/Chechen Stripe

 Sapele w/Curly Maple Stripe

Chechen w/Koa Stripe

Chechen w/Curly Maple Stripe

Chechen w/Cherry Stripe

Shedua w/Sapele Stripe