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Ever feel like howlin' at the moon?

Ever feel like howlin' at the moon?

Solid Ground Stands can now do custom inlays and engravings! How would you customize yours? Send us an email and let us know. We'd love to hear from you!

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Welcome to Solid Ground Stands!

Ask yourself:
  • Have you been searching for a functional yet attractive stand to complement your favorite guitar?
  • Do you need complete confidence in the most stable and sturdy design, but also desire the graceful and artistic beauty of natural hardwoods? 
  • Have you been looking for all the above in a portable, folding design for easy transport or storage?

    Welcome to Solid Ground Stands.

    We are a family of musicians and woodworkers creating handcrafted fretted instrument stands using only the finest premium hardwoods. Our unique design comfortably fits most acoustic and electric guitars, and some electric basses. We will soon be offering similar designs for other instruments including banjo, acoustic bass guitars, mandolins, ukuleles, and more.

    Whether you are a professional player, a passionate student, a discerning aficionado, or maybe just someone who genuinely appreciates fine craftsmanship and exquisite hardwoods (or all of the above), we believe a Solid Ground Stand will provide the most beautiful and functional support for your instruments.

    Graceful Appeal / Fine Hardwoods / Solid Craftsmanship / Portable Design